Victoria University’s Strategic Plan 2022-2028: Start well, finish brilliantly has a clear purpose and strong vision.

We are excited about what Victoria University will be in 2028. And it has already begun.

Start well, finish brilliantly

Our vision

To be a global leader in dual-sector learning and research by 2028.


Our strategic drivers

Doing dual differently
Partnering with principle
Maximising research impact
Protecting Country
Thriving place to study & work

Partnering with principle

The ‘Flipped Campus’ is the campus of the future.

We will have strong industry partners co-located on each of our campuses – we call this the ‘flipped campus’. By doing this, we will provide outstanding synergies and opportunities for students, staff and industry in education, internships and research.

Maximising Research Impact

Real-world researchers solving problems that impact people, place and planet.

We will further accentuate our existing areas of strength to meet and exceed the challenges our local communities – and the world – face. Our impact will be far-reaching through world-leading research, talent development, and growth through partnerships.

Protecting Country

We honour our deep diversity as a foundation for collaboration and social progress.

It is our responsibility to respect and listen to Indigenous voices and standpoints and – in all that we do – improve the health and wellbeing of the planet we share. We will be respected for our excellence in developing indigenous-led cultural, social and climate solutions.

Thriving Place to Study & Work

A place where people love to belong and feel immense pride.

We have already taken bold moves to be proudly different and productively radical. Our staff and students need to be celebrated, valued and rewarded. We will be a new generation destination university – redefining the role and value of a university.