We promote gender equity through a range of collaborative programs and activities across the University designed to enable women and people of all genders to thrive and succeed.

We are committed to enabling people to access and enjoy the same career success, rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of gender.

Gender Equity Action Plan 2022-2025

The Gender Equality Action Plan 2022-2025 has been developed to respond to the Victorian Gender Equality Act 2020. The Plan guides the program of activities that enable people of all genders to thrive and succeed at Victoria University.

Implementation of the whole-of-university Plan will be overseen by the Vice Chancellor Group. Our Plan is being reviewed by the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector and will be published shortly. 

Employer of choice

Victoria University is a proud recipient of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation.

The citation is a leading practice recognition program that aims to encourage, recognise and promote active commitment to achieving gender equality in Australian workplaces.

Inclusive leadership & senior roles

Front-line and middle managers participate in a module on Inclusive leadership as part of their professional development as managers.

The module includes understanding the value of diversity and inclusion, and reinforces the University’s commitment to promoting.

Support for academics

Research support after parental or carer’s leave

Researchers who return from parental or carer's leave can apply for an Out-of-Cycle Research Fellowship and Bridging Support under the VU Research Fellowship Scheme.

Out-of-Cycle Research Fellowships and Bridging Support are designed to enable researchers to resume their research program after a period of three months’ or more absence. Bridging Support can also provide additional time for research to enable parents and carers to accelerate their research activities after they return from leave.