Learn about the range of engineering and science courses from Victoria University. We offer everything from building design through to environmental management. Gain the skills to take your career further.

VU also ranked among the state's best universities for our innovative engineering and technology subjects.

Engineering & science reconstructed at VU

Choose from a range of engineering and science courses at VU – the first Australian university to use a 'block' model of learning, where you study one unit at a time rather than juggling several at once, making your transition to university easier.

Top 3

We are ranked in the top 3 Victorian Universities for education in Computer Science, Engineering & Technology.

Engineering & science highlights

Our science courses provide a unique preparation for professional scientific careers, with an emphasis on analytical techniques and extensive field-based study experience. Industry connections have led us to also develop work-focused degrees in the engineering and science fields. You'll through Problem-based Learning by addressing real-world challenges from industry in the classroom.

Some of our industry connections include Australian and international organisations such as Engineers Australia, Greater Western Water, Transurban-West Gate Tunnel Project, Australian Defence Force and more. They also offer our students practical learning opportunities to ensure you graduate well-prepared for the demands of your workplace.