At Victoria University we believe diversity is a strength – the more diverse perspectives, identities, cultural backgrounds, ages and experience of our staff and students, the better our working environment, research and educational experience.

We strive to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment where all students and staff are respected, valued and enabled to thrive.

THE impact rankings SDG 16 Peace, Justice & strong institutions 2021 top 10

Our commitment to social justice has been recognised in the THE Impact Rankings.

This reflects our commitment to equality, as part of our place-based planetary health approach.

Support services

If you are in immediate danger, call 000.

If you are a student who has experienced racism, sexual harassment or assault, homophobia or transphobia, or any other form of harassment or discrimination at VU, please contact Safer Community.

See below for more support options.

  • Q Life: Peer support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people and their friends, families and allies. Call 1800 184 527
  • Rainbow Door: Specialist LGBTIQA+ helpline. Call 1800 729 367, text or live chat also available.  
  • WIRE: Support, referrals and information for Victorian women, non-binary and gender diverse people. Call 1300 134 130
  • inTouch: Family violence services and support to migrants and refugees. Call 1800 755 988
  • Djirra: Culturally safe and accessible services to Aboriginal people seeking support. Call 1800 105 303
  • Pride Disability Services: Specialised disability support services for members of the LGBTQI+ and gender diverse communities and allies. Call +613 8060 8218
  • Black Rainbow: Support and advocacy for health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBQTI+SB people.
  • 1800 RESPECT: National helpline for advice and support about sexual assault. They can connect you with appropriate services wherever you are. Call 1800 737 732, live chat also available.
  • Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault (WestCASA): Sexual Assault counselling and crisis support in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Call +61 3 9216 0444 (After hours: 1800 806 292)
  • Suicide Line Victoria: Free counselling and support for people at risk of suicide and anyone experiencing mental health issues. Call 1300 651 251


VU strives to be a leader in inclusivity and accessibility for students with disability.

We guide and support students to achieve their career aspirations through personalised, flexible and well-supported learning opportunities.

Our fourth accessibility action plan outlines our commitment to removing barriers to access and participation for students with a health condition or disability. It focuses on five action areas:

  • culture of inclusiveness
  • student support and engagement
  • learning and teaching
  • physical access
  • digital information and services.

Read VU's student accessibility action plan 2021-2023.

VU holds a silver membership with the Australian Network on Disability (AND). We have recently formed a Disability Employee Network, and are working towards advancing our disability confidence, in order to better welcome and support staff, students and visitors with disability. 

LGBTIQA+ & gender diverse inclusion

We value and support our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, asexual and gender diverse community.

The University's  LGBTIQA+ & Gender Diverse Strategy 2020-2023 outlines our ongoing commitment to inclusion for the LGBTIQA+ and gender diverse community.

Pride & Ally network

The Pride & Ally network is comprised of staff who identify as part of, or are allies for, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, asexual and gender diverse community. Price & Ally network members contribute to VU’s LGBTIQA+ and Gender Diverse Action Plan, and meet regularly to organise events and opportunities that increase the visibility of the community.

Executive Director, Engagement & Advancement Dr Ross Coller is the Executive Sponsor of the Pride & Ally Network and is a strong advocate towards LGBTIQA+ inclusion at Victoria University. For further information about the Pride & Ally network, please email [email protected].

Students are invited to join the Queer Collective or get in touch with VUSU's LGBTIQA+ Officers.

Executive Sponsor - Dr Ross Coller
Chair - Dr Brandy Cochrane

Alasdair McAndrew
Alex Parker
Ashish Bhatia
Chris Walsh
Emily Bodey
Emma Wearing
Fleur Taylor
Heather Marsh
Marian Cronin
Mickey Deppeler
Julia Earley
Jo Doley
Patrice Jones
Rebecca Lane
Shannyn Cain
Sophie Edwards
Tessa Benson

and more...

Pride rooms

Pride rooms and community spaces are located across VU campuses:

All-Gender facilities

A number of all-gender facilities are available to staff and students across VU campuses. All staff, students and visitors have the right to use toilets and other facilities appropriate to them.

Guide to All-Gender Facilities

Gender affirmation at VU

We support trans and gender diverse staff, students and their peers, to ensure full participation in the work and study environment, enabling access to appropriate assistance.

Gender affirmation is a personal process where a trans or gender diverse person implements steps to live as their defined or affirmed gender identity, rather than the gender assigned to them at birth. Transition may involve social, medical/surgical and/or legal steps that affirm a person’s gender.

This process may include:

  • Social affirmation, which can involve a number of changes to the way you identify outwardly. This may include: changing names and pronouns, trying new clothing and hairstyles, using your voice differently, and tucking and binding body parts to name a few. Social affirmation may involve trying new or different clothing. All staff are supported to dress in a way which best reflects their gender identity, including transgender, gender diverse and non-binary staff. In the workplace, professional dress standards apply to staff, regardless of gender.
  • Medical affirmation, which involves medical interventions such as hormones or surgery
  • Legal affirmation, which can involve changing your legal gender marker and name in official documents and records to live as your defined gender(s).

Supporting resources

For further information or support on gender affirmation, contact [email protected]

External Recognition & Membership

Our commitment to supporting LGBTIQA+ staff and students has earned VU Silver employer status in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), the national benchmark on LGBTIQ workplace inclusion. 

We are a member of Pride in Diversity, who provide training and consultancy to assist VU in developing our LGBTIQA+ awareness and support in the workplace.


Discrimination, harassment & bullying contacts

If you or someone you know are experiencing Discrimination, Harassment or Bullying you are supported at VU.

Students and staff can contact Safer Community for advice and guidance. Please visit the Safer Community page for more information

Staff can also contact our experienced Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying (DHB) Contact Officers, who are trained to help VU's staff.

Contact Safer Community, or a DHB Officer if you have been subject to or witnessed:

  • discrimination
  • harassment
  • sexual harassment
  • vilification harassment
  • bullying
  • victimisation.

Safer Community and DHB Officers can provide you with information and support on:

Policies & procedures

Contact us

Contact us for more information about diversity and inclusion at Victoria University.


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Contact the student advisory team for advice and counselling


Email [email protected]

Email [email protected]