Starting a new job is exciting but can also be overwhelming - we aim to ensure your transition to working at VU is as smooth as possible. Learn about what will happen during your induction.

Your first week

In your first week:

  • your manager will organise a local induction
  • you will have access to the Induction for Staff Intranet site (requires login when offsite)
  • your manager may assign you an induction mentor.

In your first week, your manager will:

  • provide you with an induction planner
  • give you a tour of the local work area and introduce your work colleagues
  • explain your work unit and how it fits in the VU structure
  • discuss key strategic goals
  • discuss your key role and responsibilities
  • ensure you have a security pass to access the workplace
  • have a discussion with you about occupational health and safety  
  • have your log in details, computer and work area set up
  • explain the probation process
  • advise where to access the VU Induction program (including online VU Induction module)
  • explain how to access and complete all mandatory training.

In your first few weeks you'll get to know our values, people, systems and processes. As part of your induction you can familiarise yourself with our New Staff Essentials intranet page (requires login when offsite). You'll find out a range of information such as:

  • when you'll be paid
  • how to access pay slips
  • how to apply for leave
  • other important things like where you can have lunch!

Your manager may assign a dedicated work colleague as an induction mentor to provide support and help you settle in to your new role.

Your induction mentor does not replace your manager’s role; the aim is to provide you with further assistance and guidance to help you adjust to your surroundings.

Induction key milestones

After the first week of your induction, you'll continue your journey to become accustomed with the VU way.

The key milestones to achieve as part of your induction are:

  • complete the Online VU Induction Module 
  • attend a Welcome induction morning tea (usually held monthly) 
  • complete all mandatory training modules
  • learn about our VU policies & procedures
  • start your probation process
  • learn about VU Develop (VU’s performance and development process that is undertaken after your probation is successfully completed).

This course is designed to help new staff members effectively settle in to their new role. It will introduce you to the vision and mission that underpin VU’s strategic plan. After completing this course you will have an understanding of our history, our mission and our vision.

Complete the online induction module now (login required)

Your manager will tell you about the mandatory training modules (requires login when off campus) that you'll need to complete.

Log in to the Capability Hub via VU Develop to access the training modules.

You are invited to attend a Welcome induction morning tea for new starters. You'll have the opportunity to engage with members from the Senior Leadership Group and hear about all the exciting things that VU has to offer. It is also a great opportunity to meet other new VU staff.

Book your morning tea now (login required)

All policies & procedures are available in the policy library (log in required when off campus).

As a start, you can familiarise yourself with the following policies & procedures:

  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy
  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy
  • Bullying Prevention & Management Policy
  • Equity & Diversity for Staff Policy
  • Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Prevention & Management Policy
  • IT Appropriate Use Policy
  • Staff Issue and Complaint Resolution Policy.

Your manager will discuss probation expectations with you and will highlight any specific probation criteria which need to be met within the probationary period. You'll have regular reviews to discuss how you're tracking. Once completed you will be required to complete a VU Develop Plan with your manager.

VU Develop (requires login) is the software we use at VU for staff performance and development plans. 

Once you have completed your probation, your manager will initiate a discussion about your plan.

By having set performance objectives you will have a clear vision of what goals need to be achieved for the year. You'll also have the opportunity to discuss any professional development opportunities and future career goals with your manager.

Once your plan is in place your manager will track your progress during the year, and your performance objectives will be reviewed at the end of the year.